2. Warming to Geno: Smith is getting beat up for a lot of things, but there's one criticism that makes no sense cheap nfl jerseys -- this notion that he's a poor cold-weather quarterback.

That is the stuff we as Jets nfl jerseys from china fans expect to hear from the beat writers. When someone says something about the team. Check the facts and provide context to what they say.

I'd like to add that UWV defense sux and Geno had to carry the whole load time after time which he did successfully for the most part his entire tenure. I think he's not getting enough respect. I hope I'm right. None the less I hope he gets 8-10 games on the bench to learn the ropes.

Also he was reading defenses and calling audibles, which isn't something most college QBs jets jersey are expected to do. Anyone who doubts his football IQ should go watch the segment with Gruden where he's talking about how his offense works bills jersey and what he would do if he saw different defenses.
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